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Anonymous said: I'm quite a fan, i really love the both of you and appreciate what you're trying to put up here, really hope people would sit down to actual use it. cheers and stay chilled x. a friend

Aww, I think I know who this is. Thank you. Me tooo

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Anonymous said: Hey guyss, really nice blog, and very inspirational :)x

Thank you so very much. 

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 School’s out on Thursday then it’s Summer 2012 baby! This summer should be live enough. BUT SUMMER 2013 SHALL BE THE BEST SUMMER EVER. Finally, an element of freedom in my life. A lot has happened since I last came on this…maybe too much, really. Eme, got any venting to do today?

M xo

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Anonymous said: you guys should add more stuff to your blog? & how was your trip to the south of Africa? signed cute pie x

Hello, ‘cute pie’ (:
Lool, I’m sure you understand how hectic school can be sometimes.
But Oooh, our trip was brilliant; we’ll put up some pictures soon x

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Eme & Mayooo x

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Anonymous said: how many followers do you guys have?

Who wants to know?

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At the moment, Main event on most Year 10’s minds is our Leadership Training Tour to South Africa and I’d miss my family. Most people are extremely excited. Not me anyways. Well, I was - until I had a little chat with some year 11’s & ex-Grangers. They all mentioned the same word…’outdoors’. I absolutely despise the outdoors. I do not like trees. I do not like plants. I do not like insects, including ladybugs & butterflies which some creeps think are cute. I’d rather be in a cold room, w/ my laptop, internet & food. At least I’m in this w/ E & my other amazing peeps :p

On the brighter side, our Ball for Autism is coming up- good cause. I have decided to be as enthusiastic as possible so I auditioned for modelling & got qualified. Yipee. 

Problem is, I would not be modelling for Lemuel as I thought I would cause another designer picked me. I hope this doesn’t end disastrously. 

E is modelling too ;)

Who knows…Maybe I’d audition for talent show too, once I find a talent.

And iiiiiiiiiiii would return to my optimistic self tomorrow.

I hope I wouldn’t laugh at my potential ignorance on this post, after I’m done w/ SA and the Ball.

I’m far from ignorant anyway.

M xo

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The Genius we call Suri Cruise :o

Oooh My Gosssh. I Love Suri’s burn book. It’s amazing how articulate, smart and opinionated a 6 year old can be. Have you seen her use of words? I mean her ability to critisize so brilliantly ALMOST perplexes me (Notice the use of the word ALMOST) me. Her aptitude of social situations is 110% (Quite impressive). Have you seen the way she lambastes & denunciates Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? :

"Just because you don’t have a Ferragamo handbag doesn’t mean you can behave like a child. (I’m looking at you, Shiloh.)"

                                                                                     - Suri

I really feel sorry for her enemies. Blue Ivy Carter & Harper Seven Beckham do not stand a chance! Her fashion forwardness also flabbergasts me. In my opinion, By the year 2016 she’s going to be the ‘IT’ Girl, the one on TV and in the tabloids. Again, Blue and Harper, RUN & HIDE!

Here’s the link: . I’m sure you’ll all appreciate her views on everything as much as I do #Respect.

P.S: OMG! She will make THE perfect Renesmee for Breaking Dawn II. Don’t you think?

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Having alot to look forward to makes me happy, optimistic and hopeful…. Knowing that everyday brings me closer to something fun and exciting is great. In the next 12 Days we are off to South Africa and I’m hoping with all that is within me that this trip is not a let down - I will be soooo crushed. 12 Days of fun, laughter and parentless-ness is more than I could ever hope for - For now.

After we come back from South Africa, we have the ‘Grange Goes HollyWood for Autism’ Ball in March (It would be fun (I hope) so everyone should come with a guest or 2. Gate fee for 2 days is 5000 Naira. Good Price)… I’ll be  modelling that day. Hopefully I Will lookSkenzyreally good that night. I heard Danielle has really nice designs. *Yaaaay!*

The day I graduate from Grange with 12A*s is the my most sought after day…. A year and a half and counting. I hope I don’t let myself down. A scholarship will be icing on the delicious cake (I’m working towards that aswell)

Before I go, I’d like to ask if anyone knows any good treatment for spots. Battling spots is new to me and I need advice.

Well that’s all I have to dreamily rant about… Tomorrow, I’ll be welcoming my pessimistic self back.

Signed : ‘E’ xoxoxo

P.S: Temsss and Mayooooo welcome to the wonderful and spontaneous world of Epidemic #Sweggggg

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Nanananana; I really like this one ♥
So do I ;) *mayooo

Nanananana; I really like this one ♥

So do I ;) *mayooo

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